Sophie Marie is our 13 1/2 year old Cockachon (Cocker/Bichon).  In February, after having repeated UTI’s, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  We were told by two veterinaries that she only had about two months and that they would more than likely be fairly unpleasant for her.  Both recommended that putting her down would be an immediate options, if we agreed.  We were devastated, but Sophie is a member of our family and I just wasn’t ready to give up on her.  I started researching bladder cancer in dogs on the internet and the information was frightening.  I came across a blogger that mentioned Buddy Custard and the favorable results.  So I placed an order and we started Sophie on it immediately. We are now four months later and Miss Sophie is going very well.  We are not giving her the pain or antibiotic medications that she was prescribed by the vet.  She is eating, playing and is our normal little girl.  We are very delighted with her condition and are hopeful that it continues as long as possible.  We intend to continue feeding her the Buddy Custard — so loves it.

Greg and Becky Arnott


Charlie’s favorite part of the day is her delicious all natural Buddy Custard, keeping her healthy and feeling young.

Elizabeth Romano


Charlie loves eating Buddy Custard. It’s not only delicious but it keeps him energetic and healthy for a long time!

Emily Rogers


When Roca was diagnosed with Lymphoma we were frozen with fear, not knowing what to do next. We heard horrific stories about this disease and we felt helpless. A friend turned us on to a miraculous flax oil/ cottage cheese blend and this has been a godsend. After a few short months our vet was as surprised as we were to see her so improved. For this we couldn’t be more thankful.

Brendon MaCcullam



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CAT OWNERJane Thomson


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DOG OWNERSimona Braxton

Absolutely fantastic with lovely service and great products.



Pet store with responsible diet options and knowledgeable on pet nutrition.



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